Abigail Colson

Resident Scholar

Abby Colson is a resident scholar at CDDEP. She received a bachelors degree in political science and environmental studies from American University. Her past work focused on discussing the policy implications of health research. She is now exploring methods to assess the economic impact of public health foundations. Abby is interested in how policymakers utilize research in their decision-making, especially when addressing health and environmental issues. She enjoys dance, crosswords, and all water-related activities.


15 Mar 2017
Study in Reliability Engineering & System Safety examines structured expert judgment, a technique for using expert judgment as scientific data.

11 Nov 2015

Among rural Indian households who currently do not have access to (or those who do not access) neonatal care, what are the health and economic benefits of scaling up access to a package of home-...

10 Jul 2015

What can structured expert judgement teach us about intervention effectiveness?

10 Aug 2014

How would increasing immunization coverage and introducing a rotavirus vaccine affect the disease and financial burden of vaccine-preventable illnesses in India?

30 Apr 2010

How has the Interagency Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance (ITFAR) fared in relation to its goals since its founding in 1999?

29 Feb 2008