Santosh Kumar

Visiting Scholar

Santosh Kumar is a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy (CDDEP) and an Assistant Professor of Economics at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX, USA. Before joining CDDEP and SHSU, Dr. Kumar worked at University of Washington, Seattle and Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies (HCPDS). His research interests lie at the intersection of International Health and Development Economics. His current research uses experimental and non-experimental methods to evaluate the long-term effects of early-life conditions in resource-poor countries.  

Some of his previous works have examined the effect of vaccination, access to road, electricity, microfinance, distance to health facility, access to iodized salt, exposure to drought, and sanitation on development outcomes such as cognition, education, child health in Bhutan and India. His articles have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, such as Health Economics, Social Science and Medicine, Applied Economics, PLoS ONE, and Journal of Public Health. He has served as consultant for Asian Development Bank, Albanian Development Fund, and IARD.

Dr. Kumar holds a MA in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and Ph.D. in Economics from University of Houston, TX, USA.

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