Suraj Pant

Research Associate

Suraj Pant is a Research Associate at CDDEP's Washington D.C. office. He graduated in 2012 with a major in economics from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and has been working at CDDEP ever since. At CDDEP, Suraj works on a variety of data cleaning, analysis, and visualization projects. He currently helps standardize and validate global antibiotic use and resistance data for ResistanceMap and research studies. He also works as a lead for the Drug Resistance Index project and provides support to healthcare institutions on implementing the index. He also designs reports, visualizations, animations, and infographics. He also provides support to the CDDEP communications team, having previously managed CDDEP’s social media and helped start CDDEP’s Weekly Digest.


15 Sep 2015

What is the current state of antibiotic use and resistance in humans and animals around the globe? In low- and middle-income countries? What national-level strategies can help countries combat...