Like spring, summer and fall, the winter flu season is a predictable feature of people’s lives around the world.  While it typically means a few days off from work for adults, influenza can be a cause of death in the elderly and small children if they are unprotected by vaccination.  Work at CDDEP has focused on the impact of influenza vaccinations both on preventing the flu but also on secondary bacterial infections that may then need a course of antibiotic treatment.  We have also examined incentives for countries to look for and report outbreaks of novel influenza strains and the design of international mechanisms to encourage faster reporting.


Are the seasonal fluoroquinolone usagepatterns related to the timing of the influenza seasons and what proportion ofuse is associated with influenza activity?

What is the relationship between influenza vaccination and antigenic drift? Antigenic drift in influenza is the reassortment of virus gene segments, which will cause people who have had the...


The CDDEP team walked over to our corner drugstore today for our annual flu shots. In addition to improving our odds of avoiding many of the influenza strains circulating this...