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COVID-19 in India

State-wise Estimates of Current Hospital Beds, ICU Beds, and Ventilators in India

  • India has a pluralistic healthcare system with both public and private health sectors playing important roles.
  • This study estimates the existing hospital capacity of India’s public and private health sector in terms of the number of hospital beds, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds, and ventilators, across states and Union Territories.
    • Estimates suggest approximately 1,900,000 hospital beds, 95,000 ICU beds, and 48,000 ventilators are available in India.
    • Most of the beds and ventilators in India are concentrated in seven states – Uttar Pradesh (14.8%), Karnataka (13.8%), Maharashtra (12.2%), Tamil Nadu (8.1%), West Bengal (5.9%), Telangana (5.2%) and Kerala (5.2%).
  • Existing bed capacity is mostly saturated at government hospitals.
  • Accommodation of influx of COVID 19 patients will require rapid expansion of current capacity or modifications in admission policy for routine patient care.


COVID-19 in India: State-wise Estimates of Current Hospital Beds, ICU Beds, and Ventilators- April 20, 2020