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The Lancet Commission on Investing in Health - One Health Trust

 Global Health 2035: A World Converging Within a Generation is NOW LIVE.To access the Global Health 2035 website, click here. To learn more about CDDEP's role, click here. Background In 1993, the global heath community was introduced to a new way ...

A wide, open field of golden mustard

The Golden Mustard Project - One Health Trust

Vitamin A deficiency has a grave effect on nutrition and mortality worldwide.   Children and pregnant and lactating women, especially those in low socioeconomic classes, are at particular risk of blindness and death as a result of inadequate vitamin ...

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Malaria Atlas Project - Elimination (MAPe) - One Health Trust

The Malaria Atlas Project - Elimination (MAPe) is an international scientifi c collaboration with close ties to the Malaria Atlas Project (MAP). The primary mission of MAPe is to develop a strategic planning tool for malaria elimination. The ...

A close-up of a pile of red, pink, and beige pills

Multiple First-Line Therapies Against Malaria - One Health Trust

If two drugs (in combination) are good, are three or more being used concurrently by different patients better at keeping drug resistance at bay? The question has practical consequences, as nearly every malaria-endemic country adopts a single ...

Update on Febrile Illness Rapid Diagnostic Tests Research & Development

Febrile Illness Diagnostics - One Health Trust

For decades, people living in malaria-endemic areas have taken malaria drugs for febrile illnesses that might or might not be malaria. Recent developments have rendered this presumptive treatment a less attractive approach, mainly because options ...

A hospital worker's hands using a monitoring device in front of an ICU patient on a ventilator

Learning From the Bottom Billion Project - One Health Trust

In the LBB project CDDEP researchers are profiling approximately 15 innovations from the developing world. The innovations include new technologies, financing models, and healthcare delivery systems that successfully achieved impact in the countries ...