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Anjana Sankhil

Dr. Anjana Sankhil Lamkang is a Research Fellow based in CDDEP’s New Delhi offices. Dr. Sankhil received her Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology from the University of Delhi on her dissertation titled, “Assessing the quality of life and needs of HIV/AIDS patients in Manipur, India.” Dr. Sankhil specializes in ethnographic fieldwork, program implementation, program management, and monitoring and evaluation.

At CDDEP, Dr. Sankhil is a co-investigator on two major collaborative studies. The first is an experimental study evaluating the impact of physical activity on child development outcomes in India and is the largest study of its type ever conducted in the world, covering over 20,000 children in two districts of India. The second is a study on the smart regulation of antibiotic use in India designed to have significant impact on the regulatory environment in the field of AMR. At CDDEP, Dr. Sankhil also co-authored a scoping report on antimicrobial resistance in India and assisted in the development of a core elements checklist for global hospital antimicrobial stewardship programs.

In the past, Dr. Sankhil worked on a national task force project with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences to improve migrants’ access to health care and health system’s responsiveness in Delhi and with the Public Health Foundation of India on vaccine hesitancy in India. Having worked closely with different stakeholders – communities, government officials, policy makers, healthcare workers, and non-government organizations – on several public health topics in India, Dr. Sankhil is well acquainted with several challenges surrounding public health issues in India especially pertaining to service delivery and accessibility.

Her primary research interests include understanding the relationship between health system and sociocultural factors and the dynamics affecting pathway to health-seeking behavior, service delivery, and accessibility.