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Jyoti Joshi

Jyoti Joshi, MD, MSc, is Head of South Asia and is based in CDDEP’s New Delhi office. Dr. Joshi received her Doctor of Medicine degree in community medicine from Lady Hardinge Medical College in New Delhi, India and her Masters of Sciences degree in Infectious Diseases from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the University of London. Dr. Joshi is an adjunct professor at the Amity Institute of Public Health at Amity University in Noida, India where she leads academic research projects across the country.

Dr. Joshi has more than 17 years of experience in maternal and child health, public health policy, and immunization and vaccine safety. Over the course of her career, Dr. Joshi has forged research collaborations between the public and private health sectors and helped implement International Health Regulations (IHR) for outbreak prevention, management, and response as well as strengthen regulatory systems in developing countries.

Prior to CDDEP, Dr. Joshi worked with the Immunization Technical Support Unit under India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the United Arab Emirate’s (UAE) Ministry of Health. Dr. Joshi  has  played a key role in strengthening India’s Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) surveillance system and the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI); this work provided her with deep insights into the functioning of national regulatory systems, pharmacovigilance programs, and vaccine safety surveillance systems and  contributed to the introduction of several new vaccines including Pentavalent vaccine, Inactivated Poliovirus vaccine, Rotavirus vaccine and Pneumococcal Conjugate, and the adult Japanese Encephalitis vaccine in India and the UAE.

Dr. Joshi has been closely involved in improving immunization coverage across India including the Mission Indradhanush. She has led independent immunization research projects to understand and assess the impact of policies and program interventions on vaccine coverage and safety. She has authored several publications and book chapters on her work.

At CDDEP, Dr. Joshi co-authored the Scoping Report on the Antimicrobial Resistance Research Landscape in India, and, as the Asia lead for the Global Antibiotic Research Partnership (GARP) project, she has supported the GARP Asian countries – including Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Laos – to undertake antimicrobial resistance (AMR) situational analyses and to develop and implement AMR National Action Plans and other policies to combat AMR.

Recently, Dr. Joshi was part of a team of advisors who conducted country case studies in Ghana, Nigeria, and Nepal for the World Health Organization on how to integrate AMR action plans into existing programs of health and how to assess entry points and options for increasing investments in AMR in low- and middle-income countries. Dr. Joshi understands health systems, the policy making process, and the regulatory landscape in low- and middle-income countries which is valuable in efforts to address infectious diseases and AMR in country context.

Currently, Dr. Joshi is undertaking two large multi-disciplinary research projects funded by Department of Biotechnology via the Indo-UK Newton-Bhabha Fund on AMR in India. These are projects are the Smart regulations for antibiotic use in India within the one health framework (human, animal and environment) and the Chicken or Egg: Drivers of Antimicrobial Resistance in Poultry in India (DARPI) project which aims to estimate and map the use of antibiotics in the poultry industry in three south Indian states.

Dr. Joshi recently co-authored two articles in Vaccine with the Brighton Collaboration Neonatal Seizures and Neurodevelopmental Delay Working Groups on the case definitions and guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation of immunization safety data for neonatal seizures and neurodevelopmental delay.


Recent Publications:

  1. Review: Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Progress and Challenges in Eight South Asian and Southeast Asian Countries published in Clinical Microbiology Reviews of the American Society of Microbiology;  DOI: 10.1128/CMR.00048-19
  2. A Prospective Cohort Study on the Safety of Infant Pentavalent (DTwP-HBV-Hib) and Oral Polio Vaccines in Two South Indian Districts;  The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, Volume 39, Number 5, May 2020
  3. Using “smart regulation” to tackle antimicrobial resistance in low income and middle income countries behalf of the Smart Regulation of Antibiotic Use in India: Understanding, Innovating and Improving Compliance Project Group
  1. The Brighton Collaboration Neurodevelopmental Delay Working Group (authors including Jyoti Joshi), Article in Vaccine; Nov 2019:  Neurodevelopmental delay: Case definition & guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation of  immunization safety data,
  2. The Brighton Collaboration Neonatal seizures Working Group (authors including Jyoti Joshi), Article in Vaccine; Nov 2019: Neonatal seizures: Case definition & guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentation of immunization safety data;