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GARP: Uganda

GARP-Uganda began in 2014, and continues under the leadership of Professor Denis Byarugaba, with its Secretariat at the Uganda National Academy of Science (UNAS) in Kampala.


GARP-Uganda in the News

Antibiotic resistance: a growing health threat
     Racheal Ninsiima, The Observer, August 2014.

Health Experts warn against self-medication
     WBS-TV News, July 2014.


Situation Analysis

Antibiotic Resistance in Uganda: Situation Analysis and Recommendations (2015)

Full Report


Quick Facts

Secretariat: Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS)
Chair: Denis Byarugaba, Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Makerere University
Vice Chair: Donna Kusemererwa, National Drug Authority
Coordinator: Vacant
Inaugural meeting: 2014


Completed Research

Ainembabazi P. The effect of Chlorhexidine gluconate on Gram-negative Multi-drug Resistant Bacteria that produce Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamases in Mulago Hospital. A Special Project Report submitted to the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-Security, in partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology of Makerere University. 2014.
Amito PF, Otim F, Okongo F, Ogwang M and Greco D. The prevalence and antibiotics susceptibility pattern of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in patients attending OPD clinics at St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor Uganda. J prev med hyg 2012:53;186-189.
Andabati G and Byamugisha J. Microbial aetiology and sensitivity of asymptomatic bacteriuria among ante-natal mothers in Mulago hospital, Uganda. Afr Health Sci 2010:10(4);349–352. PMCID: PMC3052809.
Batwala V, Magnussen P and Nuwaha F. Antibiotic use among patients with febrile illness in a low malaria endemicity setting in Uganda. Malaria Journal 2011;10:377.
Bazira J, Boum II Y, Sempa J, Iramiot J, Nanjebe D, Sewankambo N and Nakanjako D. Trends in Antimicrobial Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Clinical Samples at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital in Rural Uganda. British Microbiology Research Journal 2014;4(10):1084-1091.
Byarugaba DK, Kisame R and Olet S. Multi-drug resistance in commensal bacteria of food of animal origin in Uganda. African Journal of Microbiology Research 2011; 5(12):1539-1548.
Ikwap K, Erume J, Owiny DO, Nasinyama GW, Melin L, Björn Bengtsson B, Lundeheim N, Fellström C and Jacobson M. Salmonella species in piglets and weaners from Uganda: Prevalence, antimicrobial resistance and herd-level risk factors. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2014;115:39–47.
Iramiot J, Stanley, Bwanga F, Itabangi H, Nakaye M, Mwambi B and Bazira J. Prevalence and Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns of Clinical Isolates of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Western Uganda. British Microbiology Research Journal2014;4(10):1168-1177.


Working Group

Denis K. Byarugaba, BVM, MSc, PhD, Professor of Microbiology, Makerere University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity
Donna A. Kusemererwa, BSc, MSc, MBA, Independent consultant
Working Group Members
Richard Odoi Adome, MSc, PhD, Professor of Pharmacy, School of Health Sciences, Makerere University College of Health Sciences
Frederick Byarugaba, BVM, MSc, PhD, Professor of Microbiology, Head of Microbiology Department, Mbarara University of Science and Technology
Henry Wamala Kakande, MBChB, Dip, M.MED, Deputy Chief of Party, Management Sciences for Health, STRIDES
Victoria Katawera, BSc, MSc, Medical Microbiologist, MSF-Epicentre Mbarara Research Base, Mbarara University of Science and Technology
Connie Cleona Kyarisiima, Dip, BSc, MSc, PhD, Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Production, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Makerere University
Aziz A. Maij, BSc, CIPS Graduate Diploma, Pharmacist, Senior Program Associate for the Sustainable Drug Seller Initiative (SDSI) project, Management Sciences for Health
George Mukiibi-Muka, BVM, MVM, PhD, Senior Principal Research Officer, National Agricultural Research Organization
Michael Romeo Mutyaba, BSc, MSc, Pharmacist, Drug Assessment and Research Officer, National Drug Authority
Florence Najjuka, MBChB, Dip, MSc, M.MED, Professor, Department of Medical Microbiology, School of Biomedical Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University
Charles B. Rwabukwali, BA, MPA, Dip, MA, PhD, Professor, Medical Anthropology, Department of Sociology, Makerere University
Morries Seru, BSc, MSc, MPH, Principal Pharmacist, Ministry of Health
Eric Wobudeya, MBChB, M.MED, MSc, Consultant Pediatrician, Mulago National Referral Hospital, Investigator MU-JHU Research Collaboration